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Pablo Neruda

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Some Helpful resources to learn more about Neruda and his poetry...

You can find Neruda's Nobel Prize acceptance speech, biography, and his bibliography here."Down there on those vast expanses in my native country, where I was taken by events which have already fallen into oblivion, one has to cross..." just a piece of Neruda's extremely well articulated speech he gave on December 13, 1971.

          In honor of Pablo Neruda, a centenary was held in Neruda's hometown of Santiago, Chile. Many stood in front of his home and payed omage to the world famous poet. Many reknown writers and musicians also participated in Neruda's hundreth birthday celebration.

          ... a documentary is also in the proccess of being completed in honor of Pablo Neruda, "the greatest poet of the twentieth century in any language." to find out more visit:

A look at the CD from Luciana Souza, another Neruda enthusiast.

Pablo Neruda by Richard Montero CGHS