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Pablo Neruda

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Excerpt from Pablo Neruda’s "There’s No Forgetting" (Sonata)

Here is a photo and soundclip from one of Pablo Neruda's widely acclaimed poems, "There's no Forgetting." A good amount of Neruda’s poetry speaks out against oppression against the poeple and encourage social reform. An actor recites this anguish-ridden excerpt from Pablo Neruda's poem "There’s No Forgetting," written in 1935.

Neruda, Pablo: Multimedia from Encarta

All the Poems of Pablo Neruda
Here are the poems of Pablo Neruda, thanks to

Neruda Poetry


Chante Pablo Neruda

A wonderful CD from Angel Parra published by Discovery Records. Created in honor of Neruda.

Angel Parra chante Pablo Neruda "Solo El Amor"

Pablo Neruda by Richard Montero CGHS