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Pablo Neruda

Influence on World Literature

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Influence on World Literature
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Pablo Neruda’s Influence on World Literature

"Neruda once suggested that his words be poured, like wine, 'into the glasses of other languages.' Here we find just such a communion with the voices and vision of Neruda — a highly creative, ethnically and politically diverse, multimedia homage to the master. Neruda loved the idea of continuance — of both love and literature. Pablo Neruda: The Poet as Muse would make him smile."
—Bryce Milligan, author oof Alms for Oblivin

Throughout the world Pablo Neruda is known as one of the greatest Spanish poets of the twenty-first century. Neruda’s poetry has inspired an abundance of different opinions about Neruda as a person. In some areas he is viewed as a prolific king of poetry, while in other areas he is viewed as the “definitive example of the Soviet influence on art around the world,” found in “Bad Poet, Bad Man” by Stephen Schwartz of The Weekly Standard, in which Schwartz expresses his frustration with the poetry of Pablo Neruda and the “…current binge of Neruda worship.”
There are many different opinions about Neruda’s ideals and poetry. Most find Neruda’s poetry enjoyable and his ideals admirable. Some have even taken it upon themselves to bring honor to Neruda. Pablo Neruda: the Poet as Muse is the collection of Neruda enthusiasts at St. Mary's University in which students join together with faculty members and musicians from the University Of Valparaiso, Chile, in the commemoration of the birth of the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda. The members work on a project of an advanced English class conducted by Dr. Gwendolyn Díaz of the St. Mary's University Department of English. The different works in the book, including art and poetry, are by students in the class and were inspired by the poetry of Pablo Neruda.

Pablo Neruda by Richard Montero CGHS