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Pablo Neruda

Martin Espada

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Writers Influenced by Pablo Neruda

The renowned Columbian poet and Nobel Prize winner, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, once dubbed Pablo Neruda the “greatest poet of the 20th century -- in any language." Neruda’s unique and eloquent techniques inspired and moved a great deal of people all around the globe. He influenced several well-known and up-and-coming writers as well as some musicians. Neruda’s poetry sparks emotions within certain people that lead them to do beautiful things with their talents. Writers like Martín Espada and Majorie Agosin were both enthusiasts of Neruda’s work; they were both influenced through Neruda’s poetry and ideals. Musicians were also influenced by Neruda and his works, like the Brazilian jazz musician, singer, and composer Luciana Souza, whom actually named one of her albums “Neruda.”
“Martín Espada is the Pablo Neruda of North American authors,” claims notable novelist Sandra Cisneros, author of the novel House on Mango Street, a required reading by schools across the country. Espada was born in 1957 in Brooklyn. New York, he has published thirteen books in all as a poet, essayist, editor and translator. Espada was greatly influenced by Neruda; he recently attended the celebration of Neruda’s centenary in which the “Fundacíon Pablo Neruda” is helping to promote literary programs around the world to celebrate Neruda’s achievements and his role as a global citizen. Neruda’s influence on Espada is evident in his poetry, specifically the political and natural aspects included within the poetry.
Neruda’s influence has extended to a number of different talented persons, whom have all credited him within their poems and their music. During his time in Santiago, Chile, honoring Neruda, Martín Espada declared, “this represents the fulfillment of a dream: to visit Neruda’s Chile and to pay homage to the poet who has most deeply influenced me, as a writer and person.” Neruda has swayed so many in the world with his poetry that to honor Pablo Neruda, a petition has been submitted to the International Astronomical Union (IAU) to name a specific crater on Mercury after the beloved Chilean poet.

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